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Monthly Archives: March 2024

Van Dijk encourages Liverpool.

Virgil van Dijk, Liverpool‘s captain plays the role of a strict senior motivating the young players. Who have been inserted into the team in recent games. Don’t be so proud that your feet don’t touch the ground. You need to train even harder to further your career

Palmer credit is there today because Poch gave it.

Chelsea attacker Cole Palmer is grateful to head coach Mauricio Pochettino for giving him the opportunity to show his full potential. The type that has never been received from anywhere. I promise to do my best to be successful with my favorite coach. Palmer the 21-year-old player,

Huddleston praises Cobbie Mainu as Yaya in child form.

Tom Huddleston, Manchester United‘s youth team coach has praised future midfielder Cobbie Mainu. Saying he is like former famous midfielder Yaya Toure in a youngster’s body.     The 18-year-old has played outstandingly and received a lot of praise. Becoming the new favorite of “Red Devils”