‘Leao’ confirms focus on Milan But I like looking at guns.

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Rafael Leao, winger for the Portuguese national team Came out to insist on helping AC Milan with that. Love watching Arsenal this season.

The 23-year-old star was one of the key players who helped AC Milan win the Serie A title last season after scoring 14 goals until Chelsea were interested.

With the current contract that expires in 2024 and the referee has not yet agreed to extend the contract. Causing a stream of news about moving the team Which referred to asserting that Now there is no idea about transferring teams.  The UFABET report

The 23-year-old forward is in the best form of his career after his starring role in helping AC Milan win the Scudetto last season – scoring 14 goals in all competitions. This season he has nine goals in 10 games – and after Ronaldo’s bid to win the World Cup came to a tearful end, Leao has the ability to step up and ease Portugal through a transition phase. 

Portugal are in desperate need of new stars because their generational cycle of veteran players is about to come to an end. Leao is the obvious name to lead them forward – but to reach the level of Ronaldo, he will have to step away from the comfort zone of Serie A and and Italy, which risks becoming a prison for his ambitions.

“Experience with a new league? Yes, in the future, but now my focus is 100 per cent on AC Milan because this is a top club. And I’m under contract here. I also really like the city,” Leao told Des Cons Truir

. love watching arsenal Because it’s a team that plays football very well.

“I watch a lot of football. This year I like to watch Arsenal. They played very well,” Leao said